Portfolio for an experienced translator


I created a fast, responsive website with low maintenance costs. I made it possible to reach a wider audience and build an online image.

Development process

I decided to create a static site based on a consultation with Mrs. Okane. We came to a consensus that she doesn’t need the ability to edit it regularly, so I focused on the site’s speed and low maintenance costs. Free hosting on Github Pages limited the expenses to only the domain.

I advised on what content to include on the site. Based on these, I chose a theme and tailored it to Ms. Iza’s requirements. The use of a pre-existing theme made it possible to achieve a great result with a low cost. After the final touches were made, I configured the hosting and the domain.

The website is available under the izaokane.pl domain. Currently as a freelancer I work among others on the colorbox24.com website.